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Join our monthly giving community and transform lives. Every single penny will bring much-needed help to a Multiple Sclerosis (MS) patient suffering from this horrible disease.
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Who We Are

We’re a pair of driven young change-makers who want desperately to help financially-strapped MS patients in need, and try to make an impact on as many lives as we possibly can.
Each month we find unique people to support: MS patients in need of financial assistance, medicines, mobility devices, or just a shoulder to cry on.
Then, we research how we can best help them - not just in the short-term, but in the long run, too.
We try to meet their financial need through the pool of donations that only exists because of you, our donors.
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Who We Help

Some MS patients suffer from severe disease symptoms that impact their personal and professional lives, leading them to unemployment and financial distress. They occasionally experience exacerbated flare-ups in their symptoms and need additional care and financial support.
Our goal is to create an online support community for MS patients and their families around the world, to create a mechanism to raise money for specific needs for individual patients, and to raise mainstream awareness about MS.
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How we help

While there are many large national level organizations dedicated to raising funds for medical research for the treatment of MS, there is a distinct lack of grassroots level support for MS patients, the real people behind the stories, many of whom struggle terribly in their daily lives. We stand for their right to live their lives with dignity, no matter their circumstances.



Where your dollars go
For patients with severe symptoms who need help with daily chores like grocery shopping, laundry, meal prep, and cleaning etc., we arrange on-demand services.
By December 31, we hope to help 15 MS patients with quality of life services.
progress: 6/15


Personal mobility

Where your dollars go
For patients who experience extreme dizziness, weakness, and have trouble walking, we provide wheelchairs, ramps, walkers, and minor vehicle modifications.
By December 31, we hope to help 15 MS patients with mobility products.
progress: 3/15



Where your dollars go
For patients who can't afford the basics to feel better, such as meds, OTC supplements, cooling aids, and physical therapy to relieve debilitating pain and numbness.
By December 31, we hope to help 25 MS patients with meds and therapy services.
progress: 14/25
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How it works

Each month we find unique people to support: MS patients in need of financial assistance, medicines, mobility devices, or just a shoulder to cry on. We take your money farther by working with our partners to provide products and services at or near cost.


Please give generously. Choose either a monthly or one time option.

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our why

Meaningful impact

Every day, we come across so many patients and hear so many heart-breaking stories about their struggles coping with MS. It's frustrating that science hasn’t been able to figure out what causes it, nor how to cure it. We try to help by building a financial and emotional support structure around our MS Heroes as they cope with a life-long and silent disease.
I’m speechless. I just don’t know what to say. Thank you so much for your awesome support. You saved me when life had really kicked me down. I will never forget what you’ve done for me and my family. God bless you.
Yosief Abrha
Thank you so much for helping my mom. I cried when she got your A/C unit in her apartment. Summer is brutal for her, and she always ends up in the hospital with a flare-up because of the heat, but she couldn’t afford to buy one for herself, and just suffered through it.
Jesse Campbell
I think we underestimate the power of giving, even if it’s just a few bucks. It’s amazing how far just a little bit goes. I’ve seen firsthand the huge impact my small donation made to an amazing person. I feel so grateful I was able to do that.
Ramesh Y.
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How you can help

Every single penny of your donation will go to meet the needs of MS patients who don't have resources to pay for basic necessities. Your donation will go directly to making life a little more bearable for an MS patient.


Please donate generously and sign up for a monthly contribution. You'll bring hope to those most in need. Help us change lives.

Spread the word

Raise awareness by sharing our stories on social media. Tell someone in need of help to apply or motivate others to donate!


Consider giving your time or sharing your talents to help our MS Heroes.

Company match

Make your donations go further by having your employer match your financials gifts.
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Our partners

We couldn't possibly do what we do without the support of our amazing partners. They contribute more than money. Their guidance, volunteer effort, and in-kind support allows us to maximize our impact on every MS patient we come across. We are so grateful!

Stay in touch

We not only want to raise money to help our MS Heroes, we also want to tell their stories and raise awareness of this horrible disease. We hope their stories of silent struggle will touch your heart and move you to not only give generously but also to share these stories with your friends and family, and encourage them to give too.
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